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Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are simply lack of moisture in the eyes. As a result, the eyes become rough and causes a couple of symptoms like irritation, redness and difficulty in opening of eyes specially in hot and windy environment.
It has become a life style disease in recent years because the main causative factors of this disease (excess use of electronic gadgets like TV, Computer, Mobile etc) have become an inseparable part of life.

Treatment Of Dry Eyes

Ayurvedic treatment of dry eyes is aimed to correct the balance of doshas. The underlying cause of imbalance is found out and treated accordingly.

The objectives of ayurveda treatment for Dry Eyes are :

  • To correct the vitiation of vata dosha in body and in the eyes also.
  • To relieve the symptoms of dry eyes.
  • To correct the digestive fire and correct promote lubrication in whole body.


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