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Dry Eyes

    Dry Eyes

    Dry eyes are simply lack of moisture in the eyes. As a result, the eyes become rough and causes a couple of symptoms like irritation, redness and difficulty in opening of eyes specially in hot and windy environment.
    It has become a life style disease in recent years because the main causative factors of this disease(excess use of electronic gadgets like TV, Computer, Mobile etc) have become an inseparable part of life.

    The clinical classification of dry eyes is as follows :

    • Reduced tear production.
    • Increased tear evaporation.
    • Mucus, fat or lipids present in the tear layer are produced in an abnormal way.
    • A combination of all above mentioned.
    • Shuksha Akshi Paka is a disease mentioned in ayurveda with same clinical picture.

    The lubricating and protective kapha principle is reduced in the body by increased vata and pitta factors.The dried up kapha produces the symptoms of dry eyes.

    Causes of Dry Eyes

    • Blockage in the tear duct leading to reduced tear secretion due to infection.
    • Continuous staring on screen of tv, computer and mobile without blinking.
    • Prolonged exposure of eyes to hot and windy climates.
    • Prolonged exposure to air conditioner or heating systems.
    • Smoking and excessive intake of Alcohol.
    • Certain drug reactions are known to give rise to severe episodes of dry eyes (Steven Johnson Syndrome).
    • Ageing is also known to cause dry eyes.
    • Reduced hours of sleep due to work overload or stress.
    • As a complication of certain metabolic disorders.

    Symptoms of Dry Eyes

    • Feeling of scratching in the eyes.
    • Continuous blinking due to irritation in the eyes.
    • Difficulty to face bright light, sunlight and windy climates.
    • Redness and burning sensation in eyes.
    • Rough and dry appearance of eyes.
    • Body dryness is generally associated with eye dryness like constipation, dry skin, rough hairs and hair fall etc.
    • Corneal abraisons and pain in the eyes with severe dryness is seen in advanced stages of dry eyes.
    • Heavy and swollen eye lids.